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New Technology for Disaster Relief

Best Device

We reccommend the River from  to be one of the best stand alone electric generators. Solar panel charger gives you independence and ability to have quiet power! You can take this into any area and use your plug in tools and recharge batteries for phone, radio, and laptops. Sleep at night securely with power available with no noise!

What We Do

We are based in Wichita, KS. Ideas presented and items purchased are the result from our experience in rendering assistance in past disasters. Andover and Haysville tornado disaster, Hurricance Katrina disaster in Pine and Slidell, LA twelve years ago. Our company partners with suppliers away from the disaster area and gets you goods and materials delivered in a timely manner to your area. We are available to answer your call for help in supplies, personnel, and transport.

How You Can Help

Contribute by funding the purchase of the 1,000 River Generators at Home Depot. If you fund No Limit Ventures, you add to the 2 River units we already have and are getting to the Disaster Area. We will lend the River units to agencies and companies assisting in onsite Disaster Relief.

Sign up to hear from us about the other solar panels, solar battery sticks, solar LED Motion Lights, and other items to use in Disaster Relief for lighting and power. Home Depot Pro Contractor. Contact us: 316 213 2679

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